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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

God Has Always Used the Ordinary to do the Extraordinary

This morning I read from Daniel 1 and 2 concerning Daniel's selection to train for Nebuchadnezzar's royal service, his interpretation of the king's dreams, and his promotion to higher status in the kingdom as a result of those interpretations. It amazes me how God takes ordinary people and does extraordinary things.
I want to point out three things that I observed this morning that I feel every Christian should consider about this section of Scripture.

1. God took an ordinary human being and EQUIPPED him to do a task that was impossible for any man to do. How often do we pick up the phone, and on the other end is God, and He asks us to do something, and we say, "Oh Lord, but I am not eqipped to do this!" And then you hang up and hope He calls someone else? How foolish of us to do this! If God called people who were always equipped for the task, who would receive the glory when the task was completed? They would! God calls us to do things we cannot do with our own talents alone so that He can show the world His power and ability through us, and the world will know Who is responsible for completing the job. This is directly opposite of the way most American interviews are conducted. Americans want a loaded resume, full of promise. God wants a helpless individual who is WILLING to have faith that He will give him or her the tools needed to complete the task. Remember that next time you want to hang up the phone on God.
Mike Weaver, the former coordinator of REAP south in Peru, told us one time, "God does not call those who are equipped, He equips those whom He has called."

2. God empowers us when we allow Him to use us for His glory, and blessings come by the truck load. Daniel was given the power to interpret Nebuchadnezzar's dreams by the Lord. He used that to save hundreds of wise men across the country, and he was also blessed with a high ranking position in the king's nobility. Why would this happen? Did Daniel deserve this? Was he equipped by his own standards to handle all of this responsibility? NO! But God equipped him for this task and Daniel was sure to give God the glory for it...
"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his." - Daniel 2:20
Are we willing to accomplish something for the kingdom of God and then give Him the praise and honor, or do we want it for ourselves? Daniel was steadfast in his allegiance to God, and as a result, God rewarded him mightily.

3. God does not always speak to us in dreams. Sometimes He speaks by way of real-life events. Our nation's leaders are being shown many things that are to come if they do not "fall prostrate" before the Lord and open their eyes to what all signs are pointing to. This country may very well become a part of that statue that was in the king's dream and fall due to ungodliness and corruption. They are stealing money, manipulating the weak-minded, and looking out for, by large, their own self-interests. They and the rest of this country will bow down to God one way or another. It will either be as a result of our lack of convictions and penalty for unrepentant sin, or because we did come to the realization that God is Sovereign and we turned our trust back to Him instead of money. I would much rather it be the latter.

Yet, while we complain about those in Washington not doing anything to further the kingdom of God, we need to check ourselves and make sure that we are listening to what God wants us to do as well. As in the book of Daniel, God may use any of us "ordinary" citizens to change the whole complexion of the United States government. Will we answer the phone? Will we be willing to have faith that our Lord will equip us? Be ready. Because if you feel like you are by no means the one meant for the job, then you will likely be at the top of his list of interviews. God bless.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Revisiting the Preseason Hot List, Replacements

It looks like every single coach on this list is going to prove me right. I like being right. But I digress...
Chizik did not make it to 6-6. See ya.
John Smith did not make it to 11-1. See ya.
Joker Phillips did not make it to 6-6. See ya.
Mack Brown was in hot water until he snuck by Baylor. He should finish at least 9-3 now. That was close.
Derek Dooley did not finish all...see ya.
Mike Reilly had a resurgence this year at OSU. Stick around.
Mark Richt should be 11-1 going to Atlanta. Stick around Mr. Richt.
Edsall has improved his team at he should buy another year.
Tom Obrien will make the mark at 7-5 this year I believe, so he should be ok.
Tommy Tuberville, barring the pending potential lawsuit for yanking headsets of a GA, should survive this season at TTU. If fired, it wont be because he finished worse that 8-4.

I will now predict who will be the replacements in the SEC next year.

Auburn: *Bobby Petrino(formerly Arkansas head coach)
Kentucky: **Sonny Dykes (Louisiana Tech head coach)
Arkansas: ***Charlie Strong (Louisville head coach)
Tennessee: ****Jim Tressel (formerly Ohio State head coach)

*This is not the most popular choice for the administration, given the past history of this relationship. Honestly, I think due to the fact that this is desperately who the fans want, it may be the deciding factor if BP does have interest. He may end up at Kentucky, but inside sources say that the President at UK does not like BP's past at all. It is a major factor for him. I could very easily see a coordinator landing here, such as Kirby Smart or the guy from TAMU who is calling the shots for Manziel. Having said that, though, I think any of the aforementioned candidates for the other jobs could land in Auburn as well. We should know a lot more in a month or so.

**Sonny Dykes has done a ton with an ounce...if you know what I mean. He would be an amazing fit at Kentucky, and I think that he could legitimately make them a perennial 7-9 win team, which is where Rich Brooks had them before he retired.

***Charlie Strong has proven he can recruit at tough places. He grew up in Arkansas and has recruiting pipelines all over the SEC from his days at Florida. This would be an outstanding hire for Arkansas. It would also instill great discipline into a program that needs it. IMMEDIATELY.

****The Vols are at a crossroads. The past five years have mirrored that of Alabama between 2002-2007 (ironic as heck, ain't it, considering it was Tennessee who got us on probation in the first place?) The Dooley hire is identical to that of the Mike Shula hire circumstantially. Tennessee needs discipline, and a tough defense with a coach who likes to run the football. Go get Tressel. He knows how to win and win big. The NCAA baggage is not attractive here, but it was a very minor offense (lying to the gods of the NCAA? Give me a break..). He deserves a second chance and will get it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Get Real About Homosexuality

I am going to preface this blog with a fact. Actually, I am going to try my hardest to fill this blog with nothing but facts. FACT: I have many gay friends. When I say friends, I mean people that I genuinely care about. This blog is a response to a huge national debate, and this article by's Gregg Doyel:

Please, national media, quit telling us to accept gays in the Christian community. The majority of us do. Seriously. It is not the people we don't accept. It is their actions, and in the case of homosexuality, their lifestyles. I know before I go any further that this is going to upset many people, but quite frankly people have been upsetting me for too long on this subject. Homosexuality is WRONG. There is no way around it. There is nothing natural about it, and there is nothing "ok" about it. Hence, the majority of the world, no matter what religion, does not accept it.
If this country is really about freedom of expression, then why can't a major league shortstop express himself? That argument is for the article. I really want to get my own emotions off of my chest here. As a Christian (not a church member, holier-than thou person, closed minded conservative, or any other name you want to call me), I can see people who do not have Christ. The majority of gay people I know don't have him. And you know what? They are searching for happiness in their lives and cannot find it. Not because they gay, but because they are SINNERS who have not allowed the power of the Holy Spirit to change them forever.
Let me make this clear as well: I do not believe, at all, that homosexual thoughts, desires, and feelings are a choice. They aren't. They never have been. People cannot control what their hormones want them to feel. What they can control, including people who call themselves "gay" is the willingness to fight those desires with all that they have. Is that easy? Heck no. We all have sexual desires, and none of them are easy to fight off, whether they are in line with what God intended or not. So to act like people who struggle with this disorder, and yes, it is definitely a disorder, should just quit acting "gay" is very narrow minded. I am not suggesting that they can do that. What I am suggesting is that they can fight it, just like someone prone to alcoholism can fight the desire to drink, or someone who struggles to hold down their temper can prevent themselves from going off on people.These things are all closely related, and I do believe that it is both from the nature and nurture aspects of our society.
I will not name names, though I am sure this person would be proud to tell you his/her own testimony his/herself. I watched someone who I know pretty well, who is an awesome person, struggle mightily with homosexual desires for as long as I have known the person. Sunday morning, this person decided to change his/her life and rededicate it to Jesus Christ. This person wants to conquer the gay tendencies that plague his/her thoughts every single day. Praise God for that kind of courage. And it is people like this person that let me know that gays CAN help who they are and what they do. They cannot help how they feel, but they can by the power of God fight it with all they are worth, for His glory and honor. As sure as the month is September, Satan will tempt this person unmercifully in every single way now to try and get them to fall victim to temptations again. And this person might- and it is ok. Why? Because this person is putting up a fight because the person knows it is wrong, and Jesus has covered this person's sin with His blood.
Perhaps the most bothersome thing about the media wanting us to accept "gay" as ok is that they are completely neglecting end game possibilities. What happens if the majority of the country becomes "gay" in a 100 years or so? Will it live on or will it die out? Gay does not produce children. It does produce disease, confusion for children who are adopted by gays, and a very unhealthy lifestyle in general for anyone who is doing it. It is not healthy in any way- mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. And this is all the more reason as to why we should not support gay anything. The flip side is this, and it is what many people forget:
It is also the main reason why we should take these people under our wing and try to help them change their lifestyle. Love them. Why? Because they are people. Normal people. They just struggle with an abnormal desire to be with the same sex. It has always been a societal issue. It is nothing new. But I also know from a Biblical stand point that it is something that will destroy a society if it is allowed to just "be ok". Ask Sodom and Gomorrah. Ask the Roman Empire. Marriage between a man and a woman and children growing up in this type of household is the foundation of society. PERIOD. It is the way God intended it to be. If you don't believe in God, you have no argument still. Nature intended it to be this way as well. Look at the animal kingdom and tell me that it does not recognize the importance of the male and female and their respective roles to each other and the future of their species. It certainly does. And it is no different with human beings.
I hope that everyone I know reads this, both heterosexuals and those who struggle with homosexual desires. Here is my final stand on this:
If you struggle with these feelings, and just consider yourself gay. You are weak. You have no intestinal fortitude. Get some fight in you. Fight it with all that you have. I know it ain't easy. Nothing in life is. But I, because I LOVE YOU and want what is best for you and your future, am not going to accept your ACTIONS as ok. They are not. You are wonderful and beautiful on the inside and out. It is not you that I so strongly oppose. It is not your feelings that I strongly oppose. It is your unwillingness to fight against those feelings for what you know, deep down in the depth of your soul, is the right thing to do for yourself, your future family, and your society. That is my stance, and to all liberals who think I am narrow minded and Christians who think I am giving too much leeway, I am not. I have prayed about this. I have seeked guidance from God the Father. This is what he has revealed to me. And I know it is right because it lines up with what He says in His Word. The government will NEVER tell me what I should and should not feel. God will. He is the only truth in this world. The truth hurts, but only because it pierces the darkness in people's lives and sterilizes the thoughts of all of us. We need absolute truth. It is something we can depend on. The leaders of this country and the majority of the media are not anything close to truth.
To those who are fighting this desire, I applaud you, and God is smiling on you. He made you the way you are for a reason, so talk to Him and figure out your purpose. To those who are giving in to it and just allowing it to become WHO YOU ARE, you need to reconsider your perspective on the matter. Your health, your future family, the future of your society, and your soul's eternal resting place all hang in the balance. And deep down, beneath all the muck that you have allowed to cover your shame for some false sense of security, you KNOW this is what is at stake. So do something about it. Fight. Pray. Get right with God. If you already are saved, then allow God to help you. Because if there is one thing I have learned in my short Christian life, it is that nothing is possible without God.

But with Him, ALL things are possible.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 3 Predictions

Alabama @ Arkansas
This game was gonna be at least a 14 point win for the tide if Arky played Tyler Wilson. Now, it may be very ugly. Arkansas' season will be done in 3 weeks...
Alabama 45  Arkansas 3

UL Monroe @ Auburn
In my heart, I know I want Auburn to get beat again. But objectively, I feel like they will squeak this one out. They should be careful, however. This is a Warhawks team riding a huge wave of confidence, and Auburn is struggling internally as well as on the scoreboard.
ULM 17  Auburn 30

Florida @ Tennessee
This is a battle to see which Saban disciple will be relevant this year, while the loser goes immediately to the hotseat. I feel like Tennessee has shown more physicality than Florida, and their offense is better as well. Sal Sunseri will have his defense ready, so expect to see the streak for Gators end at 7.
Florida 16  Tennessee 27

Texas @ Ole Miss
I said before the season began that Hugh Freeze's Rebels would beat one team that they are not supposed to. This may well be the game. I will go ahead and go out on a limb and say that Texas ain't back yet, and this game will show it.
Texas 23  Ole Miss 24

California @ Ohio State
The Pac 12 has made the Big 10 the past week. Cal is known for being a Jekyl and Hyde team, but I think that Meyer's team will put this one away late.
California 17 Ohio State 31

Arizona St @ Missouri
This game could be high scoring, but I expect it to be in the mid 30's...which is low for Pac 12 standards. I think ASU will beat Missouri, simply because they did not have to play Georgia last week. But who really knows?
Arizona St 37 Missouri 31

Idaho @ LSU
This one smells like mashed potatoes...
Idaho 0 LSU 47

Notre Dame @ Michigan St.
I don't think MSU is gonna need "Little Giants" this year. They have enough giants on offense and defense to remind the Irish that they still aren't back. That Spartan defense is just good.
Notre Dame 13 Michigan St 20


Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 2 Predictions

I went undefeated in week 1, and came pretty close on some scores. Let's see how week 2 goes:

Florida @ Texas A & M
The Gators held back alot against Bowling Green, so much so they almost got beat. TAMU is a complete unknown right now, so this game is hard to predict. But I will give the Florida offense the benefit of the doubt, though most of the week I have felt like Florida will lose.
Florida 27  TAMU 23

Georgia @ Missouri
Missouri is known for upsets in Columbia. It's a tough place for anyone to play. Look for the Tigers to pull off the upset against a Georgia team that I am still not sold on.
Georgia 31 Missouri 34

Auburn @ Mississippi State
The Tigers played better against Clemson than I expected, but they still have a long way to go. Miss St is looking to get over the hump, and I believe they pull it off in Starkville. Auburn may well start the season off 1-4...
Auburn 17 MSU 31

Wisconsin @ Oregon St
I know Wisky came outta the tap slow, but the Beavers suck. Really, they do.
Wisconsin 35 Ore St 17

Oklahoma St @ Arizona
Can you say blowout? Rich Rod's system will take years to implement, plus he needs some talent to run it. OSU will score at will.
OSU 54 Arizona 24

Southern Cal @ Syracuse
This a game the Trojans need to be careful. The Orange have fight, and stranger things have happened in the CarrierDome. Ask Dana Holgersen...
USC 45  Syracuse 24

Vanderbilt @ Northwestern
If either of these teams are gonna be 7 wins or better, they need to win this game. I think Vandy's defense and James Franklin's superior coaching gets Vandy a huge road win. This Vandy team is a year or two away from competing for the East...They need a little more offensive firepower.
Vanderbilt 38 Northwestern 27

Nebraska @ UCLA
Jim Mora's team is playing more sound football than the former Bruins teams, but they have a long way to go to be legitimate. Nebraska QB Martinez has enhanced his passing abilities, which bodes well for a Nebraska team that has lacked a passing game since the Osborne years.
Nebraska 42 UCLA 23

Air Force @ Michigan
The Wolverines are battered and bruised, but they are a much better team fundamentally than Alabama made them look. Air Force does not have they hosses at any position that Alabama does, so Michigan will return to form.
Air Force 17 Michigan 38

Western Kentucky @ Alabama
This game is interesting more or less because it features two great coaches who a excellent at building programs. But this is the Hilltoppers we are talking about...
WKU 6 Alabama 56

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week 1 Predictions

The season is upon us, and I could not be more excited about it. I'm gonna take a stab at some key matchups in week one and see what happens.

South Carolina @ Vanderbilt
This game has got upset written all over it. The only uncertainty I have is whether or not Vandy's defense will still be as stout as it was last year. I would not be surprised at all to see Vandy win this game, since they have had the entire offseason to prepare. I am gonna go with the Gamecocks though, because ever since Shaw started at quarterback near the end of last year, Carolina has been dominating opponents.

South Carolina 24
Vanderbilt        17

Boise St @ Michigan St
The Kellen Moore years are over, and MSU is going to be ready for this game. Boise will compete, and with a break or two, can win the game, but Sparty will be too much for the Broncos.

Boise St      27
Michigan St 31

North Carolina St vs. Tennessee
With Bray and his receivers back, along with the spectacular addition of Sal Sunseri at defensive coordinator, Tennessee is poised to be an 8-10 win team this year. It starts with beating the socks off of the wolf pack, though the game will be close until the 4th quarter.

Tennessee   38

Auburn vs. Clemson
Auburn had a chance to keep this game close until all of the recent attrition for various reasons...drinking and such. New coordinators will be a huge plus for Auburn, but it is gonna take a year for that to really show up. Clemson will likely score at will.

Auburn   22
Clemson 41

 Michigan vs. Alabama
Denard Robinson will be just like every other dual threat QB Alabama has faced recently...he will leave the game injured, nicked, crying, or all of the above. If you can't throw the ball, you will not beat this year's Alabama team. There is way to much offensive firepower for Alabama. And Denard, you are not even close to being Cam Newton. So please, people on ESPN, quit with the comparisons.

Michigan 17
Alabama 34

Kentucky @ Louisville
I don't remember where this game is gonna be played, I just know that Louisville is gonna destroy the opponent.

Kentucky 13
Louisville  37

Monday, July 9, 2012

2012's Hottest Seats in College Football

The start of a new college football season brings many questions to the minds of hardcore fans. Inevitably, there is always a list out there that someone compiles of 10 coaches who need to win to keep their respective jobs. Here are my top ten coaches for 2012 that really need to get it done, with the worst possible record I feel they can get and remain the coach next to the name.

10. Gene Chizik (6-6) While he is not immediately in jeopardy with a sub-par season, Alabama is not slowing down any time soon. Take away Cam Newton and he is 16-10 with horrible blow out losses away from home and some pretty poor performances at home. Chizik is a good coach, but this year's team has all new coordinators and is still very young. 7 and 8 win seasons are gonna get old on the Plains if Alabama keeps adding to its trophy case.

9. Mark Richt (9-3) Richt is entering a year where he has left himself little wiggle room. Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas remain missing from the schedule, leaving the Bulldogs with no room for hiccups. He should walk to 9 wins this season, and ought to be no worse than 11-1 going into the post season. 9-3 would mean losses to South Carolina, and two other teams that were not very consistent last year. In other words, they need to win.

8. Randy Etsall (6-6). For a man who "loves" Maryland, he certainly needs to try a little harder. He left Uconn for his dream job, and laid a rotten egg in year one. The Terps fired Ralph Friedgen after winning 9 games and being named ACC coach of the year, so you have to believe time is short is Etsall does not reach a bowl game.

7. Tommy Tuberville (8-4). He quit caring in 2007 when Nick Saban was hired to kick his rear end, and nothing has changed. I really don't expect him to be around after this year, but if he wins 8 at Texas Tech in a much stronger BIG 12, it will hard to let him go.

6. Tom O'Brien (7-5). NC State expected more out a Boston College's winningest coach of all time, but he has not delivered an exceptional season since he came to coach the Wolfpack. He is not in huge trouble, but I think they may look else where if they don't finish with a winning record this year.

5. Joker Phillips (6-6) Kentucky just wants to get to a bowl game...something they failed to do last year. If not for ending a 20 plus year losing streak against the Vols, he would probably already be out.They do not have the talent or schedule to win more than 6 games, so the margin for error is roughly 0.

4. Mike Reilly (8-4). Oregon is the new Florida from the 1990's. They are showing no signs of slowing down, which means that Oregon State is about to feel the heat for a long time to win big. Until last year, they were solid. Things fell apart last year for Reilly, and he may be on his way out if they don't compete better in a top-heavy PAC 12.

3.John L. Smith (11-1). Bottom line: He's one and done unless he beats Alabama or LSU. The schedule is the easiest it is ever gonna be, and he is a sitting duck for the most part anyway. Atlanta or bust for John L. Bust is more probable...

2. Mack Brown (9-3). Brown's pay before the Alabama loss: $ 4 million. Brown's pay during and after the Alabama loss and during the 13-13 run since that game: $5.2 million. If Texas is gonna keep paying big money, they had better get better coaching out of Brown. There are no excuses for the mediocrity on the field in Austin, and if he doesn't win 9 this year, he may retire or be fired.

1. Derek Dooley (8-4). To be fair, Dooley has had horrible luck. But it is Tennessee and they don't like being 6-6 or 5-7. He needs to beat someone relevant this year to keep his job. PERIOD.